Hey There, Nice to Meet You (:


My name is Brehlie Maryann 


 I'm a plant munchin', animal lovin', tree huggin', yoga flowin', flower child.

I was born, raised and currently reside in the beautiful state of Oregon.

 I'll forever be a free spirit with an old soul and a young heart.

• • •

Others describe me as:

A ray of sunshine, a breath of fresh air, light, energy, compassion, love, the exclamation point at the end of the happiest sentence ever, kind-hearted, encouraging, supportive, adventurous, ambitious, motivated, permanently smiling & courageous

• • •

The desire to become a coach came from deep within me. It began as a little whisper from my intuition, and soon evolved into a deafening roar. I am now a trained life coach through CoachU and am on my way to becoming a board certified Holistic Nutritionist. 

However, I will always consider my life to be my greatest experience.

• • •

I grew up in a small town Southwest of Portland, Oregon and spent a lot of my childhood burying my nose in books, running around barefoot outside and getting lost in thought (heck, not much has changed there!). It was not rare to find me covered in paint, writing and illustrating my own books or crafting little beds for the fairies I believed lived around my home. I was always looking for ways to bring my imagination to life.

Every thing was hunky-dory until around the age of ten. That's when the dis-ease set in.

All I wanted was to be perfect.

I began to rely on other people's opinions to validate my worth and poured every ounce of my soul into being someone who never made mistakes.

Of course, being human, I failed.

Over and over again.

My repeated failures filled me with self-hatred, and the more I hated myself the less my life worked.  I developed anorexia, orthorexia, exercise addiction, anxiety and depression. My beliefs about my self worth were reflected back to me in the forms of sexual assault and emotional abuse.

As a result of trying to be everything,  I was wasting away to nothing.

It took me another ten years to discover that there was only one answer to all of my problems...

I had to learn to love myself.


This meant unpacking a lot of emotional baggage and forcing myself to face and process countless fears, wounds, traumas and limiting beliefs.

In order to break free from the past, I had to forgive and release those who had hurt me and learn how to reprogram all of the thoughts that were no longer serving me.

This was hard, uncomfortable and really  f***ing messy, to say the least.

There were a lot of times where I felt like I had hit rock bottom. I had a hard  time believing that there was any way  that I could ever like myself, let alone love myself.


But I refused to accept a lackluster life of settling for whatever I could get.

So I kept doing the work.

& sure enough

that little girl with the big imagination and all the love in the world-

the part of me that I thought was gone forever,

began to awaken.


I opened my body, mind and spirit and chose to fully surrender to the energy of the universe flowing through me. 

I allowed myself to accept the fact that I would never be perfect, while simultaneously choosing to see that I already am.

All of my past struggles were simply stepping stones leading me to my soul’s truest calling.

Now, I am grateful to be experiencing a whole new level of consciousness.

I can’t help but see the love, light and wisdom that resides within each of us, and runs between all of us.


It is my mission to be the light that guides you out of the darkness that comes with forgetting that you're a soul with a body, rather than a body with a soul.

Having lived through over a decade-long battle with disordered eating, exercise addiction & negative body image, I’ve realized that my strongest truth lies in sharing my story- my own journey out of the darkness, as well as the tools & lessons that I picked up along the way.

I'm here to make a difference in the way that you treat yourself & your body

To show you that your worth extends far beyond what you put into your mouth & the appearance of your shell.

I'm here to help you break free from the food, weight, diet & exercise issues that are controlling your life, killing your confidence & distracting you from showing up as your most authentic self & doing your Soul's work in this world.

This is my truth.

This is my identity.