Week Four - Eating With Love

Day Twenty Two

Focus - Awareness

Affirmation: I am aware of my intentions

Set Intention – Share it with the group!

Meditation (at least 5 minutes)


Action: Save this infographic on your phone and throughout the day take note of what kind of eating you’re engaging in.

Journal: Describe your relationship with food and eating. Do you see food as nourishment or calories? Do you pay attention to what you eat? Too little or too much? Do you have certain “rules”?

Some Vegan Diet Staples:

Dried Fruit, Nuts & Seeds

Nut butter & Tahini

Coconut Aminos, Soy sauce

Plant Milk

Frozen fruit and veggies

Hummus (or just canned chickpeas)

Fresh fruit & veg (avocado, banana, cabbage, greens, apple, lemon, carrot, etc.)

Grains (oats, rice, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, barley, couscous, millet, etc.)


Potatoes & Sweet Potatoes

Beans & Lentils


Nutritional Yeast

Tempeh & Tofu

Yoga With Adriene Day Twenty Two

Day Twenty Three

Focus - Release

Affirmation: I let go of all the negative thoughts, patterns, behaviors and feelings that I have around food. I recognize that they are not serving me. I let them go & I am free.

Set Intention – Share it with the group!

Meditate (at least 5 minutes)



Check in with your emotions and feelings each time before you eat today.

Try to avoid eating when you’re feeling anxious, upset, angry, sad or nervous. Eating when stressed disrupts the digestion process.

If you are feeling uneasy, take a moment to center yourself.

Breathe. Practice gratitude. Try and achieve a neutral state before eating.


How do your emotions effect your food choices, eating behaviors and the way you feel after eating?

Do certain foods make you feel better than others?

Do you turn to certain foods when you’re feeling one way as opposed to another?

How does this affect your digestion/health?

Do this for as many emotions as you can think of.            

Why You Should Eat Like A Kid

Yoga With Adriene Day Twenty Three

Day Twenty Four

Focus – Nourish

Affirmation:  I nourish my body with loving intention.

Set Intention – Share it with the group!

Meditate (at least 5 minutes)



Today, with every meal you eat try to add more “love” aka more health.

Maybe add flax seed to your salad

Avocado to your sandwich

Spinach to your stir fry

Or veggies to your pasta

Try to pick whole over processed foods and do so as an ACT OF LOVE for your body.

NOURISH yourself.


Reflect on this sentence: Food is medicine and exercise is fun.

How can you make food medicine and exercise fun?

How can you make both acts of LOVE towards yourself and your body?

You may even want to revisit the SHOULD exercise from week one, applying it to your diet/exercise beliefs.

Awesome Vegan YouTube Channels:

From My Bowl – Caitlin Shoemaker

Liv B

Sweet Potato Soul

Edgy Veg

                Extra Vegan (Alissa Marie!)

                Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen

                Mary’s Test Kitchen

                High Carb Hannah

                Nutrition Facts.Org

Podcast: Getting Raw + Real with the Mental, Physical, Emotional + Spiritual Powers of a Fully Raw Vegan 

Yoga With Adriene Day Twenty Four

Day Twenty Five

Focus – Mindfulness

Affirmation: Today I choose to mindfully nourish my being.

Set Intention – Share it with the group!

Meditate (at least 5 minutes)



Eat at least one meal today with no distractions. Find a peaceful spot. Light a candle. No screens, no scrolling, no reading, no multitasking. Just sit and eat – alone or with company.

Notice and appreciate all of the textures, smells and flavors.

Watch each bite as it leaves your plate and enters your mouth.

See how the amount of food on your plate diminishes and feel your hunger being satiated.


Where does your food come from?

Do you buy the cheapest option?

Eat out a lot?

Do you look for Non-GMO or organic foods?

Name 5 ways you can be more mindful with your food choices & habits.

Snack Ideas

Bonus Video: Seeds of Death

Yoga With Adriene Day Twenty Five

Day Twenty Six

Focus – Education & Purpose

Affirmation: I make choices that benefit the wellbeing of myself, Mama Earth and all the beings who call her home.

Set Intention

Meditate (at least 5 minutes)


Do something today to give back to Mama Earth.

Take a shorter shower, compost your leftovers, pick up litter, ride your bike or walk instead of driving, or donate to an environmental cause.

Share your act of love with the group!


Use this meal-planning sheet to create a plant-based meal plan for tomorrow!

Let me know if you have any questions & feel free to share your plan with the group. You never know who you could be helping!

Suggested Movies to Watch:

Food, Inc.

  Earthlings (very graphic, can be found online)

 The Most Inspiring Speech You’ll Ever Hear (YouTube)

                What The Health (Netflix)

                Forks Over Knives (on Netflix)

                PlantPure Nation (YouTube, Netflix)

                Cowspiracy (Netflix)

Easy Ways to Give Back To Mama Earth

Yoga With Adriene Day Twenty Six

Day Twenty Seven

Focus – Eat with Love

Affirmation: Today I choose to fill my body with nothing but pure love.

Set Intention – Share it with the group!

Meditate (at least 5 minutes)


Follow the plant-based meal plan you created yesterday!

Prepare each meal with love & try blessing your food. I love to close my eyes, hold my hands over my meal and imagine that I’m infusing love and light into it before I put it into my body.


How was eating plant-based for an entire day? What was difficult and what was easy? What felt good and what didn’t? What do you need help with in transitioning to a vegan or plant-based diet?

Don’t be afraid to let me know. I would love to help!

Bonus Meditation: I Am Love

Yoga With Adriene Day Twenty Seven

Day Twenty Eight

Focus – Celebrate & Reflect

Affirmation: I deserve to celebrate!

Set Intention – Share it with the group!

Meditate (at least 5 minutes)


Celebrate your progress and completion of SOULtember!

Share how you chose to celebrate with the group!

(You could always make some of these Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies…just sayin’)


Reflect on the past four weeks.

What did you learn about yourself? What practices will you continue to use and what changes will you make in your life? What new awareness do you have?

Share your favorite thing about the WHOLE month with the group (I’m eager to hear your feedback!)

& make sure to download the little gift I have for you below :)

Vegan Pizza Roll Recipe Video (made by our Soul Sister Alissa Marie!)

Yoga With Adriene Day Twenty Eight

A Gift For You!