Week One - Self Care

 Day One:

Focus- Simplifying

Affirmation: I have enough. I do enough. I am enough.

Set Intention- share it with the group!

Meditate (at least 5 minutes)

Suggestion: Imagine a clear path in front of you, open to possibility. The day is open to whatever comes, regardless of what you feel you “have” to do. Let a sense of calm wash over you as you accept that everything that is meant to get done today will get done.

Action: Simplify to Do List to 3 things

Journal: Should Exercise

Bonus Meditation for Letting Go

Yoga with Adriene Day One

Day Two

Focus- Expansion and growth

Affirmation: I am always learning and growing

Set Intention- share it with the group!

Meditate on your intention (at least 5 minutes)

Action: Do something to stretch your thinking and exercise your mind. Learn something new, play a brain game, read a random article on a topic you’ve never heard of, try to tie your shoes using only your toes…anything that gets you thinking!

Journal: In what ways are you playing small? What are you afraid of? Write down all of your fears and then reword them, turning them into positive affirmations.

Bonus meditation: Imagine each of your fears being dropped into a stream and floating away. As each on floats away, replace it with your affirmation.

Yoga with Adriene Day Two


Day Three

Focus- Connecting with your shell

Affirmation: Take a deep breath, close your eyes and tell your body, “Thank you for being my soul’s home. I love, trust and accept you just as you are.”

Set Intention- share it with the group!

Meditation: (at least 5 minutes) tap into all of your senses. Notice all of the details about what you smell, hear, taste, touch and feel.


Action: Take the extra time today to make yourself feel like a million bucks! Even if you’re not going anywhere or seeing anyone special. YOU are special. EVERY DAY is a special occasion.

Journal: What do you currently do to your body that’s not serving it? What can you do to heal these behaviors and show your body love?

Bonus Meditation: Chakra Balancing (highly recommend)

Yoga with Adriene Day Three

Day Four

Focus – Release and Heal

Affirmation: Society has taught me to hate my (physical trait). Today, I declare that I love my (physical trait) because of it(s) ______."

Set Intention- share it with the group!

Meditation: Brush your hair, slowly, from top to bottom 100 times. Embrace how good it feels. Imagine as you’re brushing your hair that all the negative thoughts and beliefs you have about your body are falling to the ground.


Action: Find an enjoyable form of movement. Something that’s fun and invigorating. You’re not punishing your body, you’re filling it with life.

Journal: Write a letter to your body, apologizing for all of the things you’ve put it through and thanking it for staying with you and loving you throughout it all.

Bonus Meditation: Growing Love and Gratitude for your Body

Yoga with Adriene Day Four

Day Five

Focus- Heart Opening

Do not let anything that happens in life be important enough that you’re willing to close your heart over it.” ― Michael A. Singer, The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself

Affirmation: My heart is open and I allow the energy of love to flow through me.

Set Intention- share it with the group!

Meditation: Imagine two large, heavy doors opening in your chest. As they open a giant, endless rush of green light rushes through you. Imagine this light healing all your heart’s wounds and connecting you to all the love that exists in the world. Allow yourself to give and receive this loving energy freely. It is in constant flow between you and all that surrounds you.

Action: Practice silently saying, “I love you” in your head to everyone you meet today. Even strangers! Everyone has something about them worth loving. Everyone is worthy of being loves. When we choose love over fear before interacting with others, judgment takes a back burner and our heart remains open.

Journal: Make a list of all of the ways that you judge others. When you’re finished, go through each item on your list and find how it reflects a part of you that needs healing. What fears are causing you to make those judgements?

Bonus Meditation: Healing/Balancing of the Heart Chakra

Yoga with Adriene Day Five

Day Six

Focus- Inner Child

Affirmation: I am free to make my own choices and live my own life.

Set Intention- share it with the group!

Meditation: (By Louise Hay) visualize yourself as a little child. Look into your eyes and see that there is only one thing that little child wants from you. Love. Reach your arms out. Embrace that little child. Tell her how much you love her and admire her. Let her know that it’s okay to make mistakes. Tell her she is safe and that she doesn’t have to be afraid because you’ll never leave her side. Then imagine that little child shrinking down until she is just the right size to fit in your heart. Pick her up and put her there so that you can give her love whenever she needs it.

Action: Have FUN. PLAY. Express your emotions. Tap into your creativity. Do something that makes you feel like a little kid, again.


Grab two different colored pens.

Dedicate one color to your dominant hand (your adult self)

Dedicate the other to your non-dominant hand (your inner child)

With your dominant hand write out these questions:

-          Where are you hurting?

-          What do you need?

-          How do you most want to be loved?

-          What dream do you want to come to life?

Answer these questions as your inner child, using the opposite color and your non-dominant hand.

Bonus Meditation: Healing the Inner Child

Yoga With Adriene Day Six

Day Seven

Focus- Rest and Reflect

Meditate: Tap into your body, mind and soul and reflect on this past week. Ask yourself how you are feeling. Sit with all that comes up. Don’t question it. Love, accept and appreciate all of it. Thank your highest self for showing you all you need to know.

Journal: Reflect on this past week and all the healing and self-care work that you did. What things came up? What things felt good? What things felt bad? What things do you want more of and what things would you like to do differently? What things were hard to face? How will you use what you learned moving forward?

Share with the group the biggest thing you realized and that you’re taking away from this week.

Yoga With Adriene Day Seven