Week Three - The divine feminine

Day fifteen

Focus - Grounding

Affirmation: I am grounded, confident, worthy and whole.

Set Intention - Share it with the group!

Meditation (at least 5 minutes): Try to get outside for your meditation today. Either find somewhere in nature to sit or go on a nice, slow walk. Try not to bring your phone (unless you’re using it to play music) and just be present. Appreciate the detail in all of the things that surround you. When you look at the trees, notice every individual leaf. Listen to all the sounds. Notice the smells in the air. Appreciate your freedom and safety and allow your mind to settle in the space between thoughts.

(a great way to do this is to try and imagine what it would be like to think about nothing, or to try and think about your next thought before it comes up)

Action: Find time to connect your bare feet to Mama Earth. Feel her nurturing energy rise up through the soles of your feet, grounding you and awakening the strong, stable & powerful side of your inner Goddess.

For an even more impactful experience, do this at night under the light of the moon.

Journal: Make 2 lists: one of all the things that make you feel safe and comfortable (physically, mentally, spiritually and/or emotionally), and another of all the things that make you feel unsafe and uncomfortable.

Are there items that fall on both lists?

How could you bring more sources of comfort into your life and how could you remove/replace some of the sources of discomfort?

Also, notice the items on each list that are the most powerful and look into them further.

Ask yourself why these things cause you to feel so strongly one way or the other.

Bonus Meditation: Grounding Meditation

Yoga with Adriene Day Fifteen

Day Sixteen

Focus - Connecting

Affirmation: I allow myself to step into the full expression of my radiance.

Set Intention – Share it with the group!

Meditation (at least 5 minutes): Meeting the Goddess Within

Action: Create a sacred sanctuary in your home. It can be a corner or an entire room. Devote this space to beauty and the practice of presence.

Feel free to post a photo of our sacred space to show the Tribe!

Journal: Do you have undesirable relationships with other women in your life? Do you constantly judge and criticize other women (in public, on social media, in magazines, etc.)? What are your triggers when it comes to other women or your relationships with/to them?

Energy Release Exercise/Meditation: In your sacred space light a candle or some incense and get your crystals (if you have them). Put on some Divine Feminine music (there’s lots on Spotify and youtube.)

Allow yourself to feel all of the feelings that have been lying beneath the surface.

If you need to cry, cry.

If your need to clench your fists, punch the bed or cream into a pillow- do it.

One of the key ways to connect to the Divine Feminine is through your emotions.

By suppressing your emotions, you’re quieting the voice of your inner Goddess - putting a piece of duct tape on her mouth and shoving her into a box.

A lot of societal norms encourage the silencing of emotions and opinions- especially those of women.

We’re often thought of as too emotional, bitchy, naggy or sensitive.

Fuck that.

You deserve to FEEL. Your emotions, feelings and opinions are VALID.

Yoga with Adriene Day Sixteen

Day Seventeen

Focus - Embracing/Honoring

Affirmation: I am a Goddess. I deserve respect, love, validation and kindness

Set Intention – Share it with the group!

Meditation (at least 5 minutes): Do it naked. I dare you.

Action: Post a no make-up selfie to the group! As women, we are sucked into believing that we have to wear makeup to be beautiful and that we must focus on looking youthful as we age. We are bombarded day in and day out with messages telling us that we are not good enough the way that we are. That we need to cover up our faces, our bodies, our opinions…HONOR YOUR INNER LIGHT AND ALLOW YOUR RADIANCE TO SHINE THROUGH.

Journal: It’s time to set some boundaries. Where in your life are you saying “yes” when you should be saying “no”?

As women, we often find it hard to say no. We feel like we need to take on everything and help everyone….but while we ARE pretty damn incredible, we’re not superhuman.

We need breaks and plenty of energy for living OUR OWN lives.

Honor your instincts and your energy.

Are you playing a side character in someone else’s story?

What boundaries do you need to set in order to allow yourself the sacred space to explore your gifts and unleash your magic into the world?

As Gabby Bernstein says, “If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no!”

Breathing Exercise:

This is called Lion’s Breath. It releases kundalini Shakti (energy), which normally lies dormant at the base of the spine.

It helps to expel pent-up anger, frustration and stagnant physical energy. It also helps us cultivate a fierce & courageous attitude, allowing us to face our lives with a renewed sense of pride, dignity & bravery.

“Start by sitting on your heels with the top of the feet on the ground and the sit bones resting on the heels. Bring the hands to the knees, palms facing down, and spread your fingers wide, keeping your middle finger pointed straight ahead. Check in with your upper body making sure that your head, neck and torso are extending in a straight line. Now, lift yourself up off your heels a couple of inches and lean your torso forward and straighten your arms. Make sure you are mindful not to lock your elbows once your arms are straight. Bring your gaze to your third eye center (between your eyebrows.)

As you open your mouth wide, stick out your tongue as far as it will go toward your chin & exhale strongly while making the sound of a fierce roaring lion.”

(read more here about Lion’s Breath here)

Yoga with Adriene Day Seventeen

Day Eighteen

Focus - Sensuality and Pleasure

Affirmation: I deserve pleasure in my life.

Set Intention – Share it with the group!

Meditation (at least 5 minutes): Go ahead, fantasize! Use your thoughts to light a little fire within and get your feminine energy flowin’, if ya know what I mean.:P


Do things throughout the day that feel good to your body.

Wear clothes that feel sumptuous against your skin.

Roll around naked on a super soft blanket.

Really indulge in the flavors of the food you eat (my favorites are really juicy, flavorful fruits and chocolate!)

Buy yourself roses or something else that smells really good. Breathe in the pleasant aroma.

Give yourself a full body massage. Go slow and spend extra time massaging your breasts and womb space (about 3 inches below your belly button).

Journal: How were you raised to think about sexuality and sexual pleasure? Were you taught that it was wrong to dress a certain way or to engage in certain behaviors? Have you been slut-shamed? How would you describe your intimate connection to yourself and to a partner?

Bonus Video: What is Sacred Sexuality?

Yoga with Adriene Day Eighteen

Day Nineteen

Focus - Owning and Expressing Feminine Energy

Affirmation: I’m HOT as F**k!

Set Intention – Share it with the group!

Meditation (at least 5 minutes): Invoking the Divine Feminine

Action: Throw on some music and dance. Sway your hips. Open your chest.

Honor your inner Goddess by allowing her to come out & play.

Let your body flow through movements that make you feel sexy as hell.

Journal: In what ways have you “abided” by society’s rules when it comes to how you can and “should” be a female?

What things do you feel you HAVE to do to be socially accepted, presentable or “feminine”?

What things have you stopped doing because you felt they were inappropriate, too provocative or un-lady like?

Looking at your answers, come up with one way that you can take your power back and rewrite the story surrounding one of the things you’ve been made to believe is “wrong”.

Bonus Meditation: With your journal entry in mind, sit in meditation and forgive your old stories. Forgive all of the people who told them to you. Imagine that you’re closing a book full of these old stories and putting it away on a shelf, never to be opened again. Allow yourself to feel liberated, light and empowered as you leave the old stories behind and go on to live new ones of your own. The future is yours.

Yoga with Adriene Day Nineteen

Day Twenty

Focus - Balancing

Affirmation: I listen to my intuition and act on her guidance directly and fearlessly.

Set Intention – Share it with the group!

Meditation (at least 5 minutes): In your mediation, allow yourself to connect with your female intuitive voice.

Ask her what she wants- does she have something to tell you? Any desires? Something she wants to say or do?

Allow yourself to hear or feel her answer intuitively.

Then, imagine your inner masculine supporting her, honoring her and acting on her needs/desires.

When you’re finished, bring the action you took in your meditation into the real world.

The Divine Feminine (your intuition) guides and the Divine Masculine (your actions) acts according to her guidance.

Action: Ask someone for help today. It can be a man, a women, the Universe. Practice allowing by being submissive and passive when it comes to something that you’re normally putting a lot of mental and/or physical effort into.

Journal: What has your experience been like with men? Have you had supportive male figures in your life? What have your intimate relationships been like? Have they been really great or mostly abusive? A little of both? Write it all down.

Podcast: Your Own Magic with Melissa Ambrosini on Soulful Sex, How to Call in Your Soulmate and Mastering the Voice of Your Inner Mean Girl

Yoga with Adriene Day Twenty

Day Twenty One

Focus - Rest & Reflect

Affirmation: I am open to my own flow.

Set Intention – Share it with the group!

Meditation: Feel Good Meditation

Action: Allow ease and flow today. Let your hair down. Pick lighter colored clothing that’s a bit more flowy and soft. Make a little wiggle room in your schedule. Slow down, let the strict constraints of the masculine loosen & allow the feminine to gently take the lead.

Journal: What did you notice this week about your Divine Feminine? Has she been neglected? What was it like to honor and acknowledge her? What are you taking away? Share with the group one thing you plan on doing to continue honoring your inner goddess.

Bonus Read: The Feminine Moon Cycle

Yoga with Adriene Day Twenty One

Share with the group the biggest thing you realized and that you’re taking away from this week.