Week Two - Wealth, Abundance & Prosperity


*Keep a running list of all of the money you spend this week.

Make 4 columns:

Date, Where, On What, Amount Spent

Day eight

Focus- Money Beliefs

Affirmation: I choose to release all of my negative beliefs about money right now.

Set Intention- share it with the group!

Meditate (at least 5 minutes): In your meditation visualize money as a glowing green energy and allow yourself to see all of the ways that money contributes positively to your life and to the world.

Action: Pay attention to how you speak about money. Every time you catch yourself saying (or getting ready to say) something negative about money, make a note of it in your phone or on a piece of paper.

Ex: “I’m broke”, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, “I can’t afford it”, etc.

If you can, try shifting your negative statements to something more neutral or positive.

Journal:  Finish this sentence in as many ways as possible. “I believe that money________”

Take a look at your answers and ask yourself where those beliefs came from.

Are they reflective of your parents’ beliefs about money? Are they coming from a place of scarcity or a place of abundance?

Which ones are serving you and which ones are keeping you stuck?

Bonus Meditation: Spend 5-10 minutes in a meditation where you focus on forgiving each of the negative beliefs about money you wrote down in your journal entry. Imagine that they are big gray clouds blocking the sun from shining on you, and as you forgive each of them, they evaporate. Do this until there are no more clouds and you’re basking in full sun (abundance).

Yoga With Adriene Day Eight

Day nine

Focus – Worthiness Beliefs

Affirmation: I allow myself to know that I am infinitely abundant.

Set Intention- share it with the group!

Meditate: Divine Light Meditation

Action: Do something to splurge on yourself today. Invest in yourself or your wellbeing. Show yourself you ARE worth it and that you DO deserve to feel/be abundant.

Journal: Answer the following questions - Who am I when I am not judging myself? Who am I when I am not trying to be good or perfect? Who am I without the belief that I am flawed or different?

Bonus Meditation: Set a timer for a least five minutes.

Before going into your meditation, set the intention for forgiveness.

In your meditation, reflect on the times in your life where you felt “unworthy”, “not good enough” or “undeserving”. Heal each one by saying out loud to yourself, “I am sorry.  I forgive you.  I love you. Thank you.”

Give yourself permission to become the woman in your journal entry.

Yoga with Adriene Day Nine

Day Ten

Focus – Clearing Energy

Affirmation: I open up to creative possibilities for earning.

Set Intention- share it with the group!

Meditation (at least 5 minutes): With every breath you take, send love, gratitude and healing to your relationship with yourself and to your relationship with money.

Action: Make room for abundance. Declutter. Get rid of all that doesn’t serve you. Physically. Mentally. Financially.

Journal: Come up with at least 5 new money beliefs/ affirmations that support the kind/level of abundance you wish to experience in your life.

Bonus Meditation: Kundalini “Har” Meditation for Prosperity (Very powerful. Read description below video for clear instructions)

Yoga with Adriene Day Ten

Day eleven

Focus – Attracting Abundance

Affirmation: My income is constantly increasing and I prosper wherever I turn.

Set Intention- share it with the group!

Meditation: New Money Beliefs To Attract Abundance

Action: Spend today acting as if you are already living abundantly. Dress the part. Speak the part. Feel the part. Love the part.

Journal: Write out what an entire day would look like if you were living your most abundant life, but write it as if it is your life right now. Get down to the nitty gritty details. What are you wearing? Who are you with? How do you move, fee, act, speak? What do you do? How much money do you make and how? Where do you shop and what kind of food do you buy? Where do you live? Be as specific as possible!

Bonus Meditation: Visualize exactly what you just wrote down as vividly as possible. Smell the smells. Feel the feelings and textures. See the colors, people, rooms, buildings, objects… Taste the foods. Imagine that you are there right now and be grateful.

Yoga with Adriene Day Eleven

Day twelve

Focus – Flow

Affirmation: Abundance is in the depth of my being and I share that with the world.

Set Intention- share it with the group!

Meditate (at least 5 minutes): In your meditation, imagine all that you want to manifest in our life flowing to you freely and filling you with white light.

As you fill with this white light see yourself start to glow and pour this white light back out into the world.

Let this current of abundance carry you throughout your entire meditation.

Make sure to take big deep breaths to reinforce the flow aspect.

Action: Give away some money! Tip generously, pay the extra dollar at the grocery store to help feed a homeless pet, or visit and donate to a cause. (if you have a charitable cause to share, post it in the group!)

Hoarding money tells the Universe, “If I give away my money, I won’t have enough to live on!” and then

With that belief you’re more likely to end up finding yourself in a position where limited money comes to you to reflect and support this belief.

To be truly abundant, we must act as if money is in high supply. A great thing to think whenever you spend money is, “There’s more where that come from!”

*do not give away your life savings or do go willy nilly spending…that’s not the point here.

Journal: Make a list of all of the income you have received this week. Only the income.

Bonus Meditation:  Tera Naam- Har Har (Flow of Prosperity)

Yoga with Adriene Day Twelve

 Day thirteen

Focus – Gratitude

Affirmation: I am full of love. I am full of light. I am grateful for all that is.

Set Intention- share it with the group!

Meditate (at least 5 minutes) – Think of all the ways in which your life is perfect. Allow overwhelming feelings of gratitude to wash over you.

Action: With every good thing that happens today say, “Happy, Thank you, More Please!”

By doing this you’re telling the Universe:

That made me happy

Thank you!

Can I have more, please?

Journal: I am grateful to money because…

Bonus Meditation: Think of all of your bills and mentally send them love and say thank you to the Universe for the services you have received in exchange for them.

Ex: electricity, running water, surgery, transportation, education, etc.

(a lot of people in the world can only dream of having these things to pay for)

Yoga with Adriene Day Thirteen

Day fourteen

Focus – Rest & Reflect

Affirmation: Abundance is a state of mind that support me. I allow wealth and prosperity to enter my life on a higher level than ever before.

Set Intention- share it with the group!

Meditate (at least 5 minutes) on your new perspective. See flowing energy where blocks once existed and allow the energy of abundance to fill the spaces you once believed were scarce.

Action: Create your new money/abundance/prosperity mantra! Put it on a sticky note in your wallet, as the background on your phone or on your mirror. Make it visible!

Journal:  Reflect on the running list of expenses you kept this week. Where does most of your money go? Are you surprised by anything? Could you adjust your spending habits to more positively support your financial goals?

Yoga with Adriene Day Fourteen

Share with the group the biggest thing you realized and that you’re taking away from this week.