If you’re wondering what it's like to partner with me, feel free to take a moment and read these words written by a few of the amazing people I have had the privilege of working with.


Breh has been a truly great influence on me and a real light in my life. She always puts in such an effort to help, and really questions what I want to get from a session and checks in with me and whether I feel I’ve satisfied that want. I really feel like we go through the progress together, Breh questions my thoughts and beliefs, and in answering those questions I uncover truths about myself that I wasn’t even aware of. Through working together we come up with ideas and goals that are tailored purely to me and it makes such a difference to consider these things myself rather than be told “do this, it’ll fix it”. Breh’s guidance and insight enable me to come up with these things rather than revert back to destructive habits. My life is beginning to change and I feel alive with positive, optimistic energy. Its so supportive to see how much Breh really does care, she lights up over my lighting up and her belief in and care for me encourages me to believe in and care for myself. I was nervous about a private coach, and worried that it would be cliched or that I’d end up agreeing to do things but never really doing them, but even from our initial consultation Breh’s input has highlighted what my own true self wants and needs and her practical skills have helped me to create real working methods to ensure my progress in a way that works for me. I’m so grateful for the work we’ve done and the amazing, personal support I’ve received. Breh is a star.
— H.D - Scotland

"Brehlie is pure sunshine and that is how it feels when you partner with her! I always trust that what I share with Brehlie is met with kindness, compassion and love. She awakens the power within me to be the best person that I can be. I am so grateful for our bond and partnership. I know I will be connected with her for many years to come. Trust that you will find a safe space within Brehlie, which will allow you to dive deep within yourself and tap into your infinite potential." - A.O Connecticut

"I reached out to Brehlie after having known her for several months, occasionally talking to her when I thought I needed help. I wasn't sure what I expected; all I knew was that certain behaviors were ruining my life. I was wrapped up in a stage of my eating disorder I'm glad to have left behind. To say that she has been instrumental in my recovery process would be an understatement. I'm so glad to have recruited such a positive human into my circle, and I am so glad to have someone who understands the fears I have. I am blessed to have such a positive influence--a voice, of sorts, for God to communicate with me and help me find what will help me move forward in my recovery. Having her to keep me accountable in trying to get better has been, if I am actually honest, a life-saver. I literally think that if not for her I'd be in a much darker place. Things are not perfect.. yet. But I believe they will be. It's happening right now!"  -A.P Florida

"From the first session, you’ll immediately feel Brehlie’s unwavering support. Coaching is a process and Brehlie understands how to use it to help you define your goal, uncover what’s holding you back and develop an action plan. She creates a positive, safe space to experiment and explore all that is possible for yourself." - A.B. Idaho


"Whenever I used to think about working out or eating healthy all that came to mind were thoughts of how much time it was going to take to get to where I wanted to be. Brehlie is not only a friend, but the best life coach I've come across. There are times when you just need that little push to get yourself out of the negative thoughts and into the positive ones, and Brehlie always made me feel like I could do anything I put my mind to. I had told Brehlie some things that I wanted to personally accomplish and, without a doubt, she was right there.  Working with Brehlie got me to take the actions needed in order for me to achieve the goals I set for myself. " - K.C Oregon