You’re here to change the world - not your body


My Role:

 As a coach, my job is to help you make the mindset and energy shifts needed in order for you to become the creator of your most fulfilling life.  Together we work from the inside out and focus on overcoming the limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, fears and self-sabotaging behaviors that are keeping you from stepping into your own unique power and embracing who you truly are. By creating a safe space for self-discovery, I will support and guide you along your path to loving yourself unconditionally and living without limits.



✳ PARTNER in helping you make, meet and exceed your goals

✳ SOUNDING BOARD when working through problems and making decisions

✳ MOTIVATION when you need it most

✳ UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT throughout your growth and struggles

✳ MENTOR in personal and spiritual development

✳ ACCOUNTABILITY BUDDY to help you follow through

✳ RAY OF SUNSHINE on cloudy days

✳ WAKE UP CALL  if you don't hear your own

SOUL SISTER through it all

The key to loving the life you live is to love the one who’s living it.
— Brehlie Maryann

Soul coaching is for you if…


- All you think about is food - what your going to eat, how much, when, what it's going to do to your body etc.
- You control, count, measure & analyze everything that goes into your body & you can't eat anything you haven't planned without feeling like your whole day has been thrown off
- You have to justify eating with some form of exercise & when you miss a workout you feel anxious & restrict your food
- You use food as a punishment & reward system
- You feel like you've gone on every diet & tried everything to change your body, but nothing is working


I know what it's like to feel like your life is controlled by food.

& to be completely honest, I thought I was a lost cause.

I had accepted that life was just going to be a struggle, day in & day out & that I would never be in a good place with my body, food or exercise. 

I was wrong.

After 10 YEARS of struggling with countless diets, self-hate, restrictive eating, exercise addiction & body dysmorphia I finally decided to do the work to heal my body, mind & spirit.

Now, I can honestly say that I love who I am, I know what my passions are & that I’m I’m living a life led by my heart, not my head.

That’s why I feel it is my purpose to spread love and light by helping those struggling with similar issues on their paths to healing.


take your life back with a MIND, BODY & SOUL APPROACH TO HEALING


  • Stop obsessing over food, exercise & body image

  • Make room in your mind to focus on the things that really matter, like your passions & purpose

  • Overcome the negative thought patterns that are keeping you stuck

  • Get to the bottom of how & why you self sabotage


  • Connect, listen to & TRUST your body

  • Put an end to the vicious restrict/binge/purge cycle

  • Stop obsessing over food & let go of calorie/macro counting, compensation & restriction

  • Learn how to become a mindful eater & turn fueling your body into an act of LOVE

  • Develop a lifestyle that supports your body’s natural cycles (menstrual, hormonal, etc.)

  • Incorporate movement into your life that’s FUN, leaves you feeling energized & isn’t a form of punishment or compensation


  • RELEASE the restrictive behaviors, patterns & rules that you’ve created for yourself

  • Practice surrendering to the present moment & welcoming FLOW

  • Reconnect with who you truly are, STEP INTO YOUR POWER & have fun living as your most authentic self

  • Create a lifestyle full of unique practices that deeply NOURISH your mind, body & soul


For so long I wished I had someone who understood what I was going through.

I longed for a friend who I could turn to in the hardest of times, someone who had been through what I was going through & who could guide me to the light in a loving & understanding way.

I felt so alone & had so many questions that I wish could have been answered along the way to reassure me that what I was doing was right.

I wished I had someone to hold me accountable & inspire me to keep on getting better every day.

That's why I have made it my mission to be for others the help & support that I wish I had. 



There IS a light at the end of the tunnel.

You can be happy & LOVE your body.


If you're ready to take your life back & INVEST the time, money and energy it takes to break free, then let’s talk.

Click the link below, fill out the application & I’ll be in touch with you soon!